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OurLife.us is a family website about the McMullen Family from Northern Ireland that settled in New York and Nevada.

The McMullen family came from County Monaghan and Armagh to New York in 1845, 1847 and 1852 from Liverpool to New York. They settled in Argyle, New York and were part of the South Argyle United Presbyterian Church settlement. The South Argyle United Presbyterian Church was started by a gift of 500 acres in Argyle, New York from the King of England and a Scottish Sect of Presbyterians and the General Associate Synod of Scotland and the Presbyterian Church -http://argyllpresbytery.org.uk. around 1782. We have traced our heritage of McMullen's to also include Riddle/Riddell, Williamson and Wilson from Ireland.

An Irish Blessing

May Good St. Patrick bless you and keep you in his care and may Our Lord be with you to answer every prayer.

May the rains sweep gentle across your fields,
May the sun warm the land,
May every good seed you have planted bear fruit,
And late summer find you standing in fields of plenty.


The name of McMullen or MacMullen is a combination of the word Mac., meaning "Son of", and Mullen, which is believed by some etymologists to be derived from the gaelic Mullin meaning "Miller", others states however, that Mullen is derived from the Celtic Millan, meaning "The Bald". One writer adds that the name of MacMullen and MacMillan are the same, the former being the Irish spelling of the name and the latter the Scottish. However this may be the name is found in the ancient Scottish and Irish and the early American records, in the various forms of MacMhaolian, MacMillion, MacMillin, MacMillen, MacMullan, MacMullin and MacMullen, all of which also appear with the prefix Mac shortened to Mc. The spelling given at the beginning of this article and several of the others are frequently found in America in modern times.

The Progenitor of the Irish line of the family was Connor, Son of Dermond Fionn, the thirteen Christian King of Connaught, whose brothers, Muirgheas of Murias died in the year 815 A.D. These brothers were fourteenth in descent from Brian, elder brother of famous Niall Mar, from whom were descended the O'Neilis, Monarch of Ireland, Kings of Ulster, and Princes of Tyrone.

Brian was the father of Duach Galach, the first Christian King of Connaught and progenitor of the O'Connors, King of the Place, Connor, Son of Dermond Fionn was the father in the early ninth century A.D. of a son named Donall, who was the father of a son named Maolan. It was from this son that the O'Mhaolians or O'Maolans took their surname, the name later became Mullen or MacMullen.

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feature 1 Samuel McMullen featured in 'A History of the State of Nevada' SAMUEL McMULLEN, who has a large ranch near Deeth, in Elko county, and also large land interests in Ruby valley, has made a fine record as a farmer and stockman in Nevada, and in the earlier years of his residence in this country was engaged in many successful enterprises. Read More....

feature 2 Samuel Riddell featured in 'A History of the State of Nevada' SAMUEL RIDDELL, for over twenty years a prominent and well known resident of Star valley, Elko county, and now retired from a life of activity which was so useful and gave him a full share of wordly prosperity, has been an American citizen for fifty-five years, Read More...

feature 3 Rose McMullen featured in 'A History of the State of Nevada' ....November 16, 1898. Mr. Clark married Miss Rose McMullen, and they have two children, both born in Elko county, namely: James Moses and Leah Glenn. Mrs. Clark is a member of the Presbyterian church and she affiliates with the Knights of Pythias, and is highly respected in the order and in the entire community. Miss Rose McMullen is the daugher of James Jr and Matilda McMullen, and niece to Samuel McMullen featured above. Read More....

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